For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. The name of this son is Jesus, the Jews call him YESHUA, the Muslims call Him Anobi Isa, Hausa call Him Yesu, the Yorubas call him Jesiu. We all call Him saviour. All Glory be to His name. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. The Alpha and Omega, the All knowing God, self sufficient and self existing God. Who has turned our lips to that of a pen of a ready writer.
Friends! The Holy Spirit is prompting us at this last hour to stand our watch at the watch tower because of the incoming waves of God. God is visiting the earth in a wave o f the Holy spirit. Jesus speaking; the words I to you are spirit and they are life. The times are indeed are gloomy and dark (Isaiah 60:13). The days are indeed dangerous. The halycon days are over, the enemy is already devouring and leading the precious saints of God astray, the spirit of Isis/terrorism is ravaging the middle east/world, economic downturn in every corner of the globe. This is the time to call on God in spirit and truth for Him to show forth mercy and kindness to His people and anointed ones. Make no mistake this isn’t a doomsday message, but the challenges of the modern era and millennia we find ourselves are great and daunting, which takes only a looking up to the hill approach. As long as we are alive in God, there is hope. The overcomers spirit is thus at work in us as sons of God. The word says as many as believed Him to them He gave power to become sons of God. Psalm 115 already declared: the heaven and the heaven is the Lord but the earth He gave to the children of men, that since the day of John, till now the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent shall take it by force. The only language the enemy understand is force and power. Lets not forget that the victory of today is as a result of battles won yesterday, in that case we need to battle for today so we can lay hand upon the victory of tomorrow. In order to protect and preserve the posterity and future of our children.
This is no time to rest CHRISTIAN! The enemy never gives up. He is called on adversary; he is planning, scheming and doing all sorts (wiles) just to make sure he derail God’s children from the path of righteousness, feeding them with iniquity (Balaam) in other to shake our foundations in God so that we may loose and not lay hand on the promises one of which is the (CROWN OF LIFE). How is he doing it or achieving his aim? Simple just like the old way feeding with iniquity just like Balaam did in the wilderness and judgment came on the children of promise but I say God forbid! We shall resist him with Holy fire, the Blood of the Lamb and the Authority in the name of Jesus (a threefold cord cannot be easily broken). By this we already have our victory in Christ Jesus. Inside I’m unperturbed because the rhema of this word sowed in revelations t6hat and the dragon battled against the WOMAN and her son and did not prevail. So what are we at war, the die is cast, there is a battle. Cry from the deep that we to begin to wield our battle axe against the enemy. Now is the time, the moment we have been waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God here on earth; the army of saints should be battle ready against the kingdom of darkness. And to you who have not joined the Ark of Grace yet God needs you! If Wiston Churchill could summon his countrymen during the time of the world war to come and fight for Britain how much more God our heavenly Father summoning you to help push back the enemy who is hell bent on taking as many people as possible down to teeth (say God forbid).
The holy spirit says “GOD NEEDS YOU! Yes you! The person reading this message on the internet, in a pamphlet, listening on radio, television.
The enemy is attacking the church of Christ, the temple of God is been harassed daily we can’t pretend again if we are not careful faith of men be pushed aside. The regions of the world that refused of to take heed to what the spirit say are facing it today. Europe, America and other parts of the world are losing the flow of God’s spirit in their midst. My inner man have no review on Asia but on Africa I know the eyes of eh enemy is set to pull down the foundation of our faith but the foundation of God stands sure no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper. Africa would be the last stand and hope of eh common man we are more than conquerors. The question may pop up in your mind why me? Just like Gideon asked and the angel answered him you are a man of valour in you there is power in your mouth there is exousia, authority to represent Christ, listen of this the weapon of our warfare are not casual, they are mighty through God for the pulling down of strong hold of the evil one. Christ on us to hope of glory, we are sited with him in heavenly plans above principalities and powers nothing, in air, on earth and under the earth or water will be able to dislodge us from victory. All we need to fight this war is already made available. The field is ripe and the harvest is here all we need to do is to pray earnestly for the Lord of the harvest to come to our aid.
The flood gates are opened, the fire is bellowing and we all know what can happen with this two water and fire has the capability of sweeping everything in its path. The only people who will escape are those on higher ground, those standing on their hind feet or those on who are flying like the angels of God, people who are find in the Ark of Grace will surely escape this terror. Again the enemy is attacking the faith of men women (Gender consciousness), even the institutions of God are not left out (Abomination that causes desolation). The foundation of our faith is been attacked, lambasted and lampooned by agent of darkness. They are attacking foundations and if foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do? Ps 125:3. The scepter of wickedness shall no rest on the land allotted to the righteous lest the righteous reach out their hands to iniquity, so we need to wake up content with every force that wants to make us unfit for the master’s use.
Today there are suggestions in the body of Christ the same issues that border the Corinthian church or the churches of Asian in scriptures and revelation same issues face us today in an humorous way. Today power and demonstration of the spirit is missing just like the apostolic days to the extent that even the smallest of devils are tabernacling in the church today what a cynicism how come! Is this the case of the church in Sardis Ps 115: 16 say the dead can’t praise the Lord so heaven is on a rescue mission, building up saints of true worshippers, seeking in spirit and truth, with all their heart and mi8ght getting ready to push back the invading forces with the intention of bringing back to his Tabernacle his Shekinah Glory. There surely going to be a difference when his glory is present both in the body and in His temple.
Looking for soldiers, soldiers for Christ the onward moving soldiers, soldier of faith. A soldier literality fights and protect the sovereignty of His or Her nation from every invading army. The purge this nation of traitors and every form of beasts. Here we are of faith who do not live by the thing we see but of the thing made known to us in the spirit, agents of righteousness, men and women of power who fights on their knees, decked with helmet of salvation, sword of the spirit, belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, feet shod with Gospel of truth, prayer warriors, lions clones of Jesus, INTERCESSORS PERSONNAE (personified). They are filled with the words that will cast down every evil imagination and machination that is rising up against the church of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Our mission: Is to fight the Assyrian spirit laying siege in and around the church causing, undue resting and complacency which is bent in g=breaking the ranks of god’s people. Prayer for unity in the body of Christ. We are to fight with vigilance soberness so as to rescue all who the enemy have taken captive and ready to devour like a lion with lust of the eyes, lust o the flesh and pride of life. Goal; the intention is to detach everyone associated with BELIAL. For the sake of those who want to know the ASSYRIAN spirit is a spirit of happiness, contentedness and compromise, which has the ability of blocking or shielding the saints from experiencing the face of God and SHEKINAH GLORY. Please do not turn a blind eye; stop t5eh pollution which is debauchery, unfitness, unkindness, ungratefulness, disobedience which manifests itself in form of malice, homosexuality and hostility to God. The war needs to0 e declared against the social media, internet, television, newsprint media all these are helping the enemy achieve its purpose by breaking down and attacking the minds of saints.
So let us not be like Noah that prayed down immediate judgment on the world. The Blood of Jesus is too precious to be wasted it has finished the work. Jesus died on the cross to save the world from this kind of situation and prayed for us all in john 17 for you and me (1). Confirmed by Paul in Colossians 1: 13 – 23, so we the ones he left behind to keep working as saviours, to rescue everyone the enemy is attacking their faith. We up against the spirit of the world which is at work in the children of disobedience. The spirit is in the air moving around causing disaffection passing through our air waves daily and taking slaves of men souls. The church we know is the body of Christ a mystery left behind to fight the enemy. We should not allow the spirit of popularism attack it. The Assyrian spirit “this said spirit is turning God to a bread and butter bread making sons and daughters not to graduate into stewards and soldiers making them to follow after created things, thereby unguardedly letting in the spirit of apostasy to settle in which is in form of sodomy (in the midst of God’s children unheard of) simply, put homosexuality, lesbianism in the house of God no! There is no longer fine in the pulpit to destroy this anomaly in the body of God or in God’s kingdom there is nothing like equilibrium it either you are for God or against God. God cannot behold iniquity, it there is sin in one God will not hear me. Our foundation is holiness, righteousness and sanctification. Ours is not a ministry of condemnation but of reconciliation. We stir the truth, through sweet in the mouth but bitter as gall so as to bring forth repentance and turn us back to God. Only God can save from deception that hold people bond; our God can is a consuming fire any place he shows up would be washed garnished and sparkle. It fire refines earth, iron, silver, gold even diamond so every weakness that manifest in form of masturbation, incest, carnality, lesbianism, prostitution, revelry, loss of control, brutality, injustice, promiscuity, adultery, stealing, bribery, corruption, sodomy, perversion all that impede the presence of God shall be removed in Jesus.
Finally our God who is I am that I am, the one who was, who is and who is to come has stable as ever does not change is promising you and me that he will change situation for the best.
We are to seek Him, turn from the old ways and seek genuinely. Surely he knows the enemy is the cause of all distortion in man’s life making man to miss the mark. Now the ball is in our court, we need to take responsibility for our life. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the father except through Him. I stand at the door and knock anyone who opening the door of your heart He will give the Holy Spirit in no small measure to teach and guide us in all things so that we can be protected from the evil one. When we have the spirit of God it helps in raising the standards, so that we can be placed above every flood the enemy is targeting at us, that is sweeping across the globe. So our feet will become a hind feet, better still He would keep us in the Ark of Grace until his glorious showing. Friends what a journey to be privileged to be among the people that are in the Ark of Grace, where we are privy to the counsel of God, knowing how to fight against every distracting Amalekite, just like Joshua destroyed the Amalekite, where Moses hands were raised to the heaven until al the generations of the Amalekites were destroyed. So soldiers are needed to intercede day and night calling on JEHOVAH NISSI who shows up by the name of Jesus Christ. Every soldier needs a separation unto God, sanctification, consecration, training in the skills of battle. The Holy spirit is the teacher, the guide and helper during intercession. It is a war of faith to resist the enemy until it flees. It is a spiritual battle not to be done in the flesh, we will be fighting with a shout, on our knees, praising, crying, mourning, dancing and fasting in all meekness until the enemy is brought to the footstool of Jesus for judgment. Fight the good fight of faith, contend with the enemy in battle.
A red eye spirit filled words releasing arrows to dislodge all spirit of disobedience which is at work in the world. We need daily instructions from the throne of grace, our commander is the Lord of Host. So we can clear the earth of every debris that won’t allow us to be a tempered mortal here on earth. Our Maranatha is at hand. JESUS IS LORD. To God be the Glory, thank you Jesus. Thank you for saying yes to Jesus all today.
If you want to give your life to Jesus say this prayer until you give your life you can’t be recruited into his army.
Heavenly father i……………………………………………………………… declare that I am a sinner, I have come today to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior. Forgive me, cleanse me, make me whole, lead me. I renounce all the acts of sin and reject the enemy, I am save by the death on the cross of Calvary in Jesus name I pray, Amen (with the heart man believe with the mouth confession is made unto salvation).
If you have prayed this prayer, look for a bible believing church around you area walk their so as to receive guidance on what next to do. Better still all the number below or write us so that you will be directed on how to be enlisted into the end time army of the tribe of the lion of Judah.
CONGRATULATIONS. Heaven rejoices over you: you are blessed @ temperedmortars@yahoo.com. gbesusint2008@yahoo.com
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